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Thread: 1984 mx63 bushings

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    1984 mx63 bushings

    hiiii. i have mostly just been creeping on this forum lately, but have been looking for some place to get some neoprene bushings or some sort of upgraded more solid bushings for my cressida. does anyone know of a company that makes specific listed ones for my cressida or will i have to just measure them all out and go individually order all of them, and if so what company's do any of you recommend??

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    Re: 1984 mx63 bushings

    Front control arm bushings are available from Energy.

    Rear trailing arm bushings are now available (or, now listed) from Energy. I contacted their tech guys, and verified the measurements are same as Celica Supra.

    Rear subframe bushings are available from Super Pro

    The sway bar bushings are available from Energy, just measure your bar and match it to the several dozen sizes they carry.

    Sway bar endlinks are universal and available from Energy, just measure yours.

    Rear upper diff bushing is not available anywhere but the dealer. Although when I went in there, the couldn't verify any stock remaining.

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