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Thread: Family Z

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    Family Z

    Whats up.
    Per the forum rules I am introducing myself.

    I've got a 1972 240z that I completely restored. All work minus paint and engine work done by myself. Vehicle has been in the family since 1973.
    A LOT of sentimental value here and I will never sell the car. If I ever have to, I'd rather give it away to a trusted friend than sell to a stranger.

    My entire teenage life was spent scouring the internet for Zs and acquiring datsun knowledge. I had no money when I first was given the car by my grandparents so I spent a lot of time dreaming what my perfect Z would be and what it would look like. Over the course of a decade, I saw a lot that I liked and a lot that I disliked. When I finally had the financial means to restore the car, I knew exactly what I needed to do to create my perfect Z.

    The goal of the restoration was to remain as period correct as possible in regards to the "spirit" of the Z. No wild swaps, 17" wheels, etc. Technological upgrades were adapted to improve handling and reliability, but in essence you could have built this car as it sits just as easily in the 70s.

    It was extremely difficult to resist certain urges to do some crazy mods, but I've tried as hard as I could to stick to my original plan.

    On to the pics:

    The car (yellow one) during my college years with some poor mans mods. Sometime around 2002.

    Mid Restoration

    What it looks like currently after complete rebuild

    The project is 99% complete and is always evolving. I've got some parts lying around I still need to install, but at the moment I'm just enjoying the car.

    I am currently working on a semi-period correct Turbo Tom setup with the original L24

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    Re: Family Z

    Beautiful S30 resto. I've seen it at JCCS a few year in a row now and its simply amazing. Great job. :tu: & Welcome!! (although i'm sure most S30 guys on here are familiar with your blog already).

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    Re: Family Z

    Beautiful! Nice retro blue Cali plates as well. :tu: :tu:

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