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Thread: I have questions regarding TE31/Ke30

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    I have questions regarding TE31/Ke30

    My wife and I will be relocating to Kansas City from Chicago, as soon as we get settled in I will start collecting parts for my build. I've spent almost all of my free time researching on this build, and I've slowly started making lists upon lists of what I will need to make all of this happen. I plan on doing almost all of the work my self with some help along the way with some friends I have in KC.

    Essentially it will be a 1975-77 Toyota Corolla KE30/TE31 with a bone stock 1uzfe/w58 and IRS. I have no time limit on when it will be completed, and so far I have been chastised for wanting to put so much work and money into a 3rd gen corolla. It doesn't really matter to me though....

    The point of this car will be to take trips with it, maybe show it off a bit, and to be daily driven in the spring/summer/fall time.

    I probably won't make a build thread because it'll be THAT slow. I do have a few questions that I can't seem to find info on. As a reference, this guy named Mark (I think he has a thread on here) put a 1uzfe into a TE37 using the running gear from an SC400, but he cut the whole goddamn unibody due to rust and turned the car into a body-on-frame Corolla.

    The suspension is what really confuses me though....

    I will have to cut the end out and fit some IRS under it, if I can find an s13 w/ LSD, it seems like a great canidate being that it is 4 inches wider than the corolla, I could possibly get it shortened or maybe not shortend at all; it also has the 4x114.3 bolt pattern and can take a severe beating. The running gear to the SC400 isn't a likely candidate just because of the cost involved with finding an LSD to fit (i've heard of Kaaz, and TRD...but these are very pricey for an LSD.) I've also looked into the ford 8.8 but I can't confirm if I can somehow turn that into an IRS or not, so I just kind of figured the S13 would be the best option.

    Also, what kind of reinforcement would I have to do? I've looked into fish plating, roll cages (for safety concerns, this makes me uneasy...would a 4 point roll cage even strengthen the chassis? Any thing more freaks me out.) I've also looked into the basic suspension upgrades that improve handling, but I'm more worried about body flex as I figured I could take care of the suspension components my self once I figure out what suspension to use.

    Are there any other candidates?

    Also, what is the possibility of relocating the gas tank somewhere else that doesn't jeopardizes the back seat OR trunk space?

    I want to do all of this stuff mostly because I want to learn, but also if i'm putting in a 300 horsepower powerplant into a daily driver Rolla, I mind as well give my self the option to run it hard on a track someday even though that isn't my priority.

    Would an ae86 suspension be more expensive than an s13 suspension?

    I know there is a way to do this right. I just am not sure how...

    thanks for your time guys,


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    Re: I have questions regarding TE31/Ke30

    I dont think you will be able to figure out gas tank until you figure out what you will do for the rear suspension, cause that will be a crap load of work.

    Maybe an is300 rear and shorten then axles? Does the LS 400 have irs?

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    Re: I have questions regarding TE31/Ke30

    Ls400 is irs but huge compared to the little corolla. You should use a miata rear. Thre is tons of info out there on it and many have stuck it in all kinds of things. Tons of aftermarket and parts. If you're going through all the trouble to build shock towers and subframe points then redrilling hubs to 114 is a non issue

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    Re: I have questions regarding TE31/Ke30

    The IS300 is probably a little too pricey, but by the time I get to it maybe those car's won't cost so much. I figured I had a better chance of finding an SC400 rear end as I am looking for it's engine. Plus the IS300 is only two inches shorter than the sc400 width.

    There have been quite a few 1uzfe ae86's that have been structurally reinforced with other lsd's but otherwise use stock body components and there are plenty of butchered SR5's that I could probably get some time soon down the road...


    Good call on the miata man, I'm going to look into it. (I've seen quite a few 1uzfe miata builds)

    The 4x100 doesn't bother me as much as the 5 lug, just because there are still a plethora of old school rims that are in the miata bolt that isn't going to bother me.

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