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Thread: well i guess i should do this (again)

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    well i guess i should do this (again)

    Hey guys, some of you may or may not remember me from the JNC meet in torrence. i used to drive around the red na miata with white boso pipes and fender mirrors. My name is kyle.

    well if that didn't ring a bell, then i guess that's what this is for. i had to re-register my name because it had been so long since i posted anything on here haha (sorry guys! fell out of the game. looking to get back in now). And so the japanese classics adventure begins. for real this time. i'm looking to get a true JNC-worthy car, seeing as right now i only have an 89 240SX coupe drift missile. (sold the miata because it wasn't truely classic. it was just trying to be with a few boso mods, which didn't seem to fit, imo) so hopefully i'll get to know a few of you local socal residents again shortly in the mean time, i'll have an active WTB post looking for my next (first, REAL) japanese classic. hopefully i can live up to the rest of you with all your beautiful cars. hahaha. hope to see you all soon!

    guess i'll share the only pic of my current car, just to help the flame. the flame of wanting to buy a proper classic.

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    Re: well i guess i should do this (again)

    Welcome back!

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