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Thread: 1976 Colt Galant 1600GL Hardtop

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    1976 Colt Galant 1600GL Hardtop

    Hi Guys,

    Been lurking for a while now, and the recent thread with the immaculate looking blue barn find Coupe reminded me to register and share the details of my own Galant.

    I've been a member of the UK Mitsubishi Galant Owners Club for some 6 years and in that time I've owned seven of them - All shapes and sizes, from two litre automatics to the 280bhp Twin Turbo 4WD estates

    I need to upload more pictures - The ones I'm just about to post are old now and since then the car's been stripped, welded extensively and rebuilt. Parts aren't the nightmare you'd imagine, but where I can I've repaired, renewed and rebuilt rather than just replaced components with new - And that's been a massive education and I've enjoyed it. Well, mostly I've enjoyed it anyway It's not quite road ready, but it's almost ready for paint and final reassembly.

    So that's me and my car - Thanks for reading and I'll update when I can


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    I always wanted to get a 'Classic' Galant and in 2005, whilst........ ops: errr.......... ops: ops: On Honeymoon(!!!) I went onto ebay one sunny afternoon, and I spotted this (this is one of the original ebay piccies)....

    A couple of phonecalls back to blighty and the deal was done. And I am still married - It must be love! :mrgreen:

    So - whilst we got back to our honeymoon, some friends picked the car up for us and took some pictures for me. It didn't look too bad in the pictures... The Vinyl roof looked a little iffy... But hey - Beggars can't be choosers...

    There were also a few suspect scabs elsewhere...

    And the interior needed cleaning and sorting out....

    But, most importantly, it was complete and had been used up until the engine had siezed up. The head gasket had blown, the old dear hadn't spotted this and just kept on driving. The oil went to gunge and the cam bearings failed, taking out the cam and mincing the top end somewhat.

    So - I arrived back to quite a project. First port of call being to investigate that vinyl roof and uncover what lurked beneath. Fortunately, not much was underneath. Unfortunately, not much was underneath.....

    More to come when I've got some new pictures uploaded

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of your Mitsus.

    And yikes, that's some scary rust. My old Plymouth Duster had a vinyl top too, and after 35 years the metal underneath was eaten away about as bad as your Galant's. Nice to know that you've managed to fix it up.

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    I hate vinyl tops with a passion. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. I just saw a 510 that ahd a wore roof than that a while back that had a vinyl top on it. Looks like a decenyt car though/ Hiopefully the roof is the worst of it.

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    Whoever invented vinyl roofs should be smothered in one.

    Otherwise awesome find though. Love these generation Galants. Welcome to JNC! :tu:

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    Hi Kieran!

    do you have any recent pics of the galant? Can't be too far off completion now?



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    Gawd! the rust on the roof looks manacing. But with dedication and some TLC, I'm sure it'll be fixed in no time.

    I really wonder why Mitsu put these canvas on the car roof in the first place? Why not just paint it over?

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