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Thread: Aussie Rota nut

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    Aussie Rota nut

    Hey all , I'm PEPZ and from OZ. I'm stoked to be apart of his forum .
    Been into rotas on and off for years and back in the game.
    Just acquired a neat 1977 323 hatch with one one owner and 60,000klms
    On the clock ..
    She is nice and straight with all of 3 tiny rust spots in the tail gate no bigger then half the size of ya pinky finger nail.. The factory gold paint is fading on the roof / bonnet and tail gate but will be flowing a coat of the original gs over her and of course the rota treatment , got a nice angry 12a bridgy to go in her.
    Will start up a build thread soon..
    Looking forward to being apart of this community..

    Cheers PEPZ

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    Re: Aussie Rota nut


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