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Thread: Sapporo brake problem

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    Sapporo brake problem

    I'm having trouble with my '84 Sapporo,
    The right rear wheel blocks when i gently push the brakes(drumbrakes)
    I opened them the other day,the right side was covered with rust dust and the left was normal,i cleaned everything up put it all back together and it was good for a day or two.Is it possible that the combination valve is acting up?


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    scappoose, or
    This si common in the trrucks, while I havent fixed it I suspect its a c9ombination of either the valve, or just bad wheel cylinders. Try replacing the wheel cylinders.

    I';m suprised your car has drums. I thought all challengers/sapporo had disc.

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    not all sapporo has disc

    for example in croatia is one sapporo which is selling now
    has drums at back and has 1600GSR(82HP) engine like lancer 1981

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    Maybe the ones for the euro market had drums at the rear?
    Did the US Sapporo's come with the 1600cc?
    I'm planning a complete rebuild this winter,she's is getting some spots of rust here and there,the only thing that is holding me back is finding parts for the car!!
    are there loweringkits available for the car,or are their other alternatives?


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    Yes, US Sapporos were available with the 1600 cc engine. And the ones equipped with the 1600s all had rear drum brakes.

    Full discs were only installed on cars equipped with the 2.6.

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    scappoose, or
    right on. I;ve only seen the 2.6 version so i wasnt sure.

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