Hi all!

Thought it would be appropriate the let you know that I recently started a band called Ken & Mary. All in honor of the legendary car of course
We are from Leiden, the Netherlands and we have our first show at the end of March, very excited!

Though you might know I’m a Honda guy (see my Civic right here), I’m a big fan of the old Nissan Skyline and consider both the Hakosuka and Kenmeri as my ultimate JNC’s. So we decided to choose Ken & Mary as the name for our band, cause it sounds cool and people - who never heard of it - really don’t know what to expect…yep, we play highly energized rock, quite fast and pretty ‘level 11’!

We just launched our Facebook page, which you can like (or not) here.

Hope you guys all like it so far. If we use stuff we’re not supposed to, please PM me. We come in peace :wink: Soon we’ll post some songs, so stay tuned!


Stephan, Ken & Mary (that noisy band from Holland)