As the title says, i was wondering how far the tie up between the two went.

The only Weds Asahi wheels made for mitsubishi that i knew were for the galant.

The wheels originally had black centers but i had them painted to Yayoi pink and had the rivets painted black for a nice contrast. Also, i think the color works well with my White Lancer.

15x7 and 23 offset

Here they are fitted.

I have 195/50/R15's up front and 205/55/R15's with half inch spacers at the back. I like the staggered size of the tires as the look reminds me of old Group 5 race cars back in the days.

I had the valve stems tightened one day and i noticed some markings in the barrel and was surprised to find this.

I am not too sure if Mitsubishi had commissioned Weds to provide these wheels as factory options or for Rally/Circuit Racing. I wonder if other Weds southern Ways/ Epsilon Mesh wheels also had stamps in their barrels. I am also curious which Mitsubishi model would rock these wheels back then. I hope i can get inputs/information with this surprise find.