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Thread: Hayashi Street - Made in Italy?

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    Hayashi Street - Made in Italy?

    I bought some Hayashi Streets recently. I got them out of the US from a buyer/seller, who afaik has dragged them out of Japan in recent times.
    The Interesting thing about these wheels is that they are marked made in Italy. Hayashi is a Japanese wheel manufacturer who have been making this design since the late 60's (originally for Mr Hayashi's own race car) - Its design looks to basically be a copy (?) of a 60's Italian Campagnolo wheel which appeared two years earlier.
    Also interesting, is that the text on the wheel is written around the outside of the wheel, not on the spokes like usual Hayashi Streets. This is actually how alot of Campagnolo's wheels are done.
    The outer lip area is also different to the usual Hayashi Street, with a smoother edge area.


    The wheels have the Japanese JWL and VIA markings..

    Made in Italy.. ??

    Would that be 9th month 1981?

    The wheels are 14x6, 4x114.3, +15 offset, with a 73mm centre bore.

    If anyone has any info about these wheels, that would be awesome.
    I just cant find anything.. and have no idea why a Japanese wheel manufacturer would be making wheels Italy. Alternatively - if they didn't, who made them?

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    Re: Hayashi Street - Made in Italy?

    Those look somewhat similar to some Compagnolo alloys I've seen on Fiats from time to time.

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    Re: Hayashi Street - Made in Italy?

    Hell, whatever the case may be, they look a lot cooler than a standard Hayashi Street. Maybe Hayashi didn't have the ability to work with magnesium? Maybe contracted them out? If they are in fact magnesium.

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