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Thread: KP61 Vaccum Advance questions.... helppp :)

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    KP61 Vaccum Advance questions.... helppp :)

    Hey everyone.

    So after my KP burned a valve less than 200 miles after purchasing it, I immediately sent the car into the shop for a new top end rebuild, new valves, gaskets, and to check out the engine, etc... from my recent purchase.

    Well, the starlet's previous owners have done quite a few good and bad things to the car:

    strut bar
    2 inch exhaust
    the cheapest gauges possible

    all vaccum systems were indiscriminately ripped out and plugged

    no heater.

    and i'm not exactly sure what all he removed; not being a 4k expert. the shop i took it to did a good rebuild and adjustment, i'm sure, but when i went to go check on the car they hadn't touched the vaccum system, and sort of acted as if they didn't want to go there.....

    this was a performance shop that i assumed could make easy work of an old system like this...

    so that leads me to my question. what vaccum lines are required to run the dizzy to get proper ignition while cruising and at low rpm???

    thanks in advance, and if any of you can help me, it will be a sigh of relief.

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    Re: KP61 Vaccum Advance questions.... helppp :)

    Ported vacuum is what you're after. It will be located before the throttle blades.

    If the shop tuning your car can't connect a vacuum advance, I'd strongly suggest looking around for another.

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    Re: KP61 Vaccum Advance questions.... helppp :)

    buy a set of factory manuals from
    I got the service and electrical manual from them. I'm lucky and found out they were only 30min away from me. I got a tour of the place and the chick who worked there told me how the owner just had her shelve a NASA repair manual into his "personal" section. I recently went back there and got a manual for my fathers Previa.

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