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Thread: Hello from Minnesota!

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    Hello from Minnesota!

    Well, since I've lurked here for awhile, I figured I should post a little bit about my car.
    Currently I have a 1972 Datsun 240z that I've had for close to a year. My plans are to upgrade everything that needs upgrading to reliably do some autocrossing and daily driving for the nicer parts of the year.

    Long story, super short:
    Bought a 240sx, discovered the mistake I made in buying a 240sx, sold it.
    The ridiculous amount of time it took for the buyer to finally buy my car prolonged me from buying another car.
    A great deal of a 240z shows up on Craigslist and I have the money to buy it, thanks to waiting 3 months for the buyer.
    That 240z is now mine.

    It was a Texas car, and the fact it was rust free pretty much sealed the deal for me. When I bought it, it was in pretty good nick. Aside from the transmission, which needed seals and bearings, I only put maybe a little more than a hundred bucks and a bunch of time in taking apart, cleaning, and checking most of the parts on it. I only had to buy a thermostat, master slave cylinder, and liquids to get the car running pretty well. To my delight, I discovered in the papers that came with it the previous owner had over $5000 put into the car in parts only a year or so before I bought it.

    Plans for early this year:
    Replacement transmission
    Better suspension
    New rims and tires
    Replace the terrible exhaust system
    Fine tuning

    I do not have any pictures of the 240z on this computer, so I'll put them up at a later time.

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    Re: Hello from Minnesota!

    Hi there.

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