Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself as well as my car. I'm still fairly new to "Nostalgic" Japanese cars but I've owned a number of imports in the past few years ranging from boosted Hondas to jdm swapped Nissan, even a couple of eudm's thrown in for good measure. I have a bad habit of obsessing about a car and making lots of changes in a short period of time before selling them and moving on to new projects. It's been referred to by some as Car ADD :lol: Anyways a little about me

I'm currently a "non-traditional" college student perusing a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Before that I served ol' Uncle Sam in the Navy as a Avionics electrician. I tend to carry a lot of the OCD practices learned there into my cars (clean,uniform, structured etc). I hold no brand loyalties to any one car maker. I try to judge a car based on what it offers and how it looks/drives. I also hate writing/talking about myself, so enough of that

The car
It's a 1979 2TC powered Corolla sport coupe SR5. When I got the car the interior was in rough shape. It was missing numerous pieces and the seats were two passenger seats rigged to fit and each was a different color. The body was in good shape aside from the color and a tiny bit of damage to the bottom of the driver front fender. Previous owner said they tagged a curb. It also came with a vintage set of Enkei Compe8's and a folding rag top. Not a bad deal for $1800 I think. Oh and the best part was it only had 83k original miles.