Hey guys heres some pics of my TE51 SR5 Corolla. I call it Gary lol. I bought it from a kid who decided to give it a paint job as a highschool shop project and puty some pretty gnarly flames on it lol. Ive been working on getting the car put back together and fixing the damage to the body. Its got a 2TC with a 5speed tranny, all new ignition parts with a Accel H.O. Coil. its been lowered two inches front and back and has a set of 79 Celica Supra Wheels that came off of my 79 Celica Supra. Ive got a ton of extra 79 supra parts i.e. rear end, engine, tranny ect. Im gonna put the spare supra rear end under the corolla and give her a little better gear ratio. Ive also replaced the carpet and re uhpolstered the rear speaker panels in the back seat as they were broken and covered with a pretty ugly flame fabric. Im gonna throw in a set of 89 Celica GTS seats that i have sitting in my garage. I need to hunt down a new dashpad and a set of fender flares for this little beast and then it will be almost done. I should have all of the body work done and have it painted by spring at the latest. Im gonna do a two tone of either black top and a silver bottom or a black top and a copper bottom, i havent decided. Dont judge me by the hideous paint job thats on there right now :lol: im a professional and i would be ashamed to let a paintjob like that leave my shop lol.