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Thread: Weight of exhaust headers?

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    Weight of exhaust headers?


    Does anyone know roughly weight of a set of exhaust headers like these? (the seller won't give weight or dimensions before it's bought and packet up)
    Seller is in AUS, I live in Norway. Got a middle man but need roughly weight.

    Mild steel. For a 18RC. ... 446wt_1180


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    Re: Weight of exhaust headers?

    The dimensions of the box more so than weight will kill you on shipping. Its not worth it.

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    Re: Weight of exhaust headers?

    While I cannot help you with the weight of the headers, here are a few links for Australia Post, that can help you once you do get your numbers.

    Parcel Dimensions: this gives you minimum and maximums for packages that AUSPOST handles

    Shipping Calculator:judging by this, if you do not have smaller than or larger than the limits from the above, it only calculates by weight

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