Hello, I've been reading this forum for a while now. Prior to this year, I never seriously considered getting a Japanese nostalgic. The closest I've gotten to owning an older car is my '89 BMW E30 M3 purchased 2 years ago. Since then, I have faithfully tracked down all the rare AC Schnitzer parts for it. The thrill and excitement for me is in the hunt, especially for the really rare stuff.

I caught the JNC bug hard this year. After checking out the Japanese car meet @ Bayline, I was hooked. I dropped by the JNC booth and met one of the founders. We spoke for a bit and the conversation drifted into watches like Panerai, AP, etc. Car guys are all the same, we love cars and watches! Anyway, he was kind enough to give me a copy of the JNC magazine, as well as some JNC stickers. I ended up purchasing some Hot Wheels he had for sale.

In the weeks/months after, I purchased a '74 Celica coupe from Portland. It was all original down to the factory luggage rack on the trunk. I did all the much needed maintenance and got it road worthy. Then my focus turned to getting some cool JDM parts. I chased down a pair of rare vintage TRD bucket seats and TOM'S steering wheel. I even spent an afternoon with Joel from ToySport discussing the different motor swap options, from the F20C to the 18RG. Joel is a purist though, all Toyota parts only! While the 1st gen Celica is a great car, I started looking at other classic J tin.

I stumbled across a '74 Datsun 260Z from Denver. It went through about 80% restoration before the owner just stored it away. Before I knew it, a deal was struck and the car was on its way to SF. Not having enough garage space or time to work on cars, something had to go. I posted the Celica on Craigslist and within a few days it sold. I actually netted a tidy profit from the sale making me feel a bit like Mike from Wheeler Dealers =).

With the focus on the S30 Z, the hunt for rare parts began. After SEMA in November, I've been glued to Yahoo Auctions Japan. I now have the Datsun OEM G nose hood hinges, G nose headlight covers with the chrome surrounds, and ZG fender mirrors. I also have a set of vintage 15" HRE mesh wheels with stepped lips.

Interesting fact about my 260Z, all the online sources cite that 260Z production stopped in 11/74 for the US models. However, mine is stamped 12/74. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy reading this forum and will hopefully bump into some of you at various car events.