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Thread: Civic '79 Engine

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    Civic '79 Engine

    Purchased this 79 Civic without engine (the green car, not the yellow one). I would like to put an EJ series engine in this car because there is one available to me. Can someone tell me what, if any modifications are needed to install?

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    Re: Civic '79 Engine

    The EJ engine should be a relative bolt-in. The only thing you may want to check is the engine to firewall mount. From what I remember the 1st gens mounted to the head and the EJ was to the transmission.

    What body style do you have, the CVCC or 1200? If you're interested in a '79 CVCC motor I've got one available cheap.

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    Re: Civic '79 Engine

    Great find!!! :tu: :tu:

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