Yeah hi.

To make this quick: I'm a 16 year old chump from Finland(yes that does mean I don't have a driving license yet. :tu who's interested in cars, especially old Japanese cars. Wouldn't have guessed that, am I right?

Anyways. I do not own a car either yet, except a few junkers we used to roam on our yard a few summers back but those shall not be counted. I'm planning to get an "actual car" soon, maybe in a month, maybe two. Definitely for summer anyways. Preferably (still realistically though!) a KE-Corolla/Charmant, TA-40 Carina or any RWD Datsun.

Been scrolling these forums for quite a while now(talking months) but only registered now. I may or may not be active until I get a car. :roll: