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Thread: 626 brake upgrade help

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    626 brake upgrade help

    Hi, I need some advice regarding upgrading the brakes on my 81 CB2 626. The old solid discs are really uninspiring so I really want to fit vented discs to the front.
    Is it possible to fit SA22C front vented discs on my stub axle's, and can I use the calipers from the same car.
    Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

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    Re: 626 brake upgrade help

    Hey bloke,
    RX7 stub axle is different diameter and offset to CB2. I went through all this with my 626.
    There is nothing "off the shelf" to suit our cars.
    The quick solution is to fit the whole RX7 strut - providing you allow for adjustable strut tops
    to correct the camber, can live with the front end being a good 3" lower than standard and tyres
    wanting to scrape the guards!
    (I have fully rebuilt S2 RX7 struts sitting at home with new rotors, bearings, pads - doing nothing
    because I fitted them up, HATED how the car looked, and took them back out! :evil: )

    The better solution is save your bux and get a custom set made to suit your car: ... lit=plo13b

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    Re: 626 brake upgrade help

    Quote Originally Posted by philip

    The better solution is save your bux and get a custom set made to suit your car: ... lit=plo13b
    I would like to second this suggestion.

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