Hi guys and gals,
My name is Jade, I live in southern queensland in Australia (as the subject title would suggest)
First a breif back story..... I have owned a few of Japans finest Aussie cars over the past 15 years
including (but not limited to) a Datsun 1600 , a Datsun 120y coupe, an RA23 celica and a couple of can't killem Subaru DL 1800 wagons.
All have been a joy to restore and Drive (the 120y left a little to be desired in the handling department)

I joined the forum to try and get some info on an Irmscher Isuzu Gemini / Impulse that I bought quite some time ago.
I have not been able to track down much info on them as there does not appear to be many of them in Australia.
I need to decide wether or not to spend a bunch more money on it or to pass it on to someone else who would appreciate it.
It's a 91 model so it's almost a stretch to call it nostalgic however they were a very impressive little car in their day.
Does anybody on this forum have one of these that they could share some experience

Cheers Jade