Hey everyone, my name is Dane, and I am from the inland empire of California. I come from the mustang scene (and still have a mustang), but almost a year ago I picked up my first, and not my last, import. I bougt a 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 for $400, non-running of course. Over the past year I have gotten it to run after a full engine rebuild (off and on) and now I am in the process of trying to smog and register the car. I ahve all the parts(finally), just need the time

I'll post a build thread with more pictures later

Still not pretty, but the car looks better then it did when I first got it surprisingly. I am going for a resto-mod look, with more enfacess on the restoration part. It needs a paint job bad(the previous owner graced it with the rattle can white, it was once blue); I a thinking about the classic panda scheme.