Hi guys,

My name is Tijs, I'm 22 yo and live in the Netherlands. I'm currently somewhat restoring my Toyota 1000 Estate (Publica KP36). I've been checking this forum regularly since before I even had my Toyota, trying to learn from all the tutorial and build topics and drooling over all the cool cars in the garage sections. Since I posted a wanted ad I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself

This is my car (next to my buddy's Roadster, which doesn't look at all like it does in the pictures anymore)

The car is 100% bonestock, but has had a (bad) respray in red. It used to be orange. I have a better condition 2K engine that I need to drop in, a set of SA22C wheels I need to refurbish and fit to the car and a lot of other things to fix and fit.