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Thread: Michael Mouzoukis Cosmo in Greece.

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    Michael Mouzoukis Cosmo in Greece.

    Here are a few pics Mike sent me of his Cosmo from 2008 Historic Acropolis rallye and also from a historic circuit revival at Tatoi an old miltary Airport.

    The story below was written by Michael Mouzoukis.

    This is 1 of the 11 cars imported to Europe.

    The car was originally owned by Greek-Cypriot gambling king & playboy Frixos Demetriou. I did a little research and I found an interesting story fot him (see attached).

    Frixos died in an accident in a Fiat Vignale Samantha amd it was bought by the previous owner who bourned the motor and screwed the car in general.

    I bought the car in 1985 and it took me 5-6 years to restore it. The 10A motor was gone so I had to install a 12A motor (from an RX4).

    The 10A never motor came officially to Greece and in 1985 we had no Interenet!

    Since then I never stopped doing things on the car. In 2002 after an accident I did a 2nd and far better restoration and in 2004 I installed a new 12A motor.

    I kept though point ignition and old school Nikki carb so it doesn’t differ too much from the original.

    They only upgrade I had to do is a Racing Beat exhaust header (the original 12A header was too big to fit) and a full stainless handmade exhaust which looks as the original one.

    You should hear the sound of it. It is out of this world!

    I just purchased a complete 10A motor (0820 from a R100) from the US and now I am in the stage of getting parts & seals so I can start assembling it.

    I already found most parts in Australia. This is not 100% original but who cares!



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    awesome car, nice story ! I wish I had an oldschool rotary like this

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    These photos are beautiful... Seeing a Japanese classic like that on a vintage rally through beautiful scenery makes my heart flutter.

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    Michael is seeking some L10A hubcaps, can anybody assist him?

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