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Thread: Help a museum get racing footage of their Honda S800 RSC?

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    Help a museum get racing footage of their Honda S800 RSC?

    I'm not sure who to direct this to, or if anyone can really help, but worth a shot.

    The Automotive Hall Of Fame in Dearborn, MI (right next to the Henry Ford Museum) has this Honda S800 race car on display, courtesy of Honda Motors (who owns it), in a small section about Sochiro Honda.

    It's apparently been there awhile, the thread those pictures came from was made in 2007. I talked with a gentleman at the museum in charge of the exhibits, and apparently he's frustrated that this S800 gets ignored by 95% of the people who walk through the museum. I don't get the impression anyone knows the history of this particular car either- I did some mild googling and see that there are model kits of this car, with the same paint scheme and numbers, and it's even in a previous version of Gran Turismo:

    And there's another one at the Honda museum in Japan:

    Which *JUST* lead me to discovering this article about the car: ... -s800-rsc/

    So, clearly the one in Dearborn is a replica with the wrong color numbers on it (black instead of blue), but it's still an S800 RSC... or a really nice replica.

    Anyhow, in a bid to try and attract more attention to the car, the museum would like to find original '60s race footage of this car, or at least similar S800s battling it out. Does anyone know where footage like this could be acquired? They've got someone at Honda in Detroit looking, but I'm not sure how well connected they are either. :/ If anyone could be of help, I can pass this gentleman's contact info along. :tu:

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    Re: Help a museum get racing footage of their Honda S800 RSC

    I love that car.

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