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Thread: te51 sr5

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    te51 sr5

    Just wanted to start a thred to.learn more bout my old school rolla was wondering wat parts are interchangeable with the modern rollas like the 86 has lots of parts on the market. Let me no some info u guys got thx

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    Re: te51 sr5

    Are you planning on keeping the stock drivetrain (2TC)? If so, is the biggest source for parts. T-series engines are very solid motors and are supposedly cheaper and easier to mod than a 4AGE, if you are worried about keeping it. As far as suspension, etc. goes, a lot of the more common mods actually entail swapping AE86 parts over to the older model.

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    Re: te51 sr5

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of parts interchange from around 1975ish on up to 1986. Some modding will have to be done to get different things to work. Post questions here and I will answer what I can. Have any pics of your liftback?

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