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Thread: Racetrack video circa 1965 GT -I , GT-II in Japan

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    Racetrack video circa 1965 GT -I , GT-II in Japan

    Just like to share what saw at you tube... ... -exp_r2-HM

    nissan prince, honda s800, subarus 360, toyota sport 800, etc
    1965 vintage racing

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    Pretty cool stuff

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    Very cool

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    The crowd suddenly goes silent as the announcement comes over the PA system:
    Driving car Number 8 -eight-eight-eight-eight
    For Isuzu Motors -motors-motors-motors-motors
    Shigeki eki-eki-eki-eki
    Asaoka oka-oka-oka-oka
    And the crowd erupts into applause.

    I like the clip where a car rides up and along the guard rail on the underside of the car, then gets free of the guard rail, and continues racing! can't do that with anything built after 1979.

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