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Thread: From The ATL One Boricua and his 1981 TE72 Liftback...

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    From The ATL One Boricua and his 1981 TE72 Liftback...

    Hello, I am from Puerto rico but live in Atlanta Ga. So I am a Boricua! I have always had a love afair with the Corolla Liftback, back in 1990-93 I had a 1982 Corolla SR5 Liftback that I had all fixed up, 13x7 Libre wheels with BF Goodridge T/A 215/50 R13. Headders and exhaust, bronze racing clutch, and GT-S front seats. Back then the only way to lower the car was by cutting the springs. When I was a kid in PR I remember seeing my neigboors get together with all of his friends and they all had 510's and Corollas, lowerd to the ground, that was back in the early 80's before moving to Ga. A few years later I finally had my own Corolla Liftback, but a few years after that I sold it out of necesity and always regreat it. Now I came acros a 1981 Corolla Deluxe Limited with working A/C and factory Moonroof and a newly re built engine, so I drove to Fl. and bought it. Wanted to have it sit on 13's like my first one but quicly found that those sizes are no longer being made! Ughh!! So, I am now looking at what to get... and thus why I joined this great forum!

    my 82' back in 1990!

    I used it to start my lawn business and pulled a small trailer with it! lol..( fyi: these are pics of real paper pictures, back then ther wasn't digital cameras yet!)

    My new one 81' Corolla.... as I bought it. Lots of changes in the near future!

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    Re: From The ATL One Boricua and his 1981 TE72 Liftback...

    Welcome aboard! :tu:

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