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Thread: S30 Project RBZ

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    S30 Project RBZ

    Hey guys, a bit late in starting my built thread here but have done some reading and awesome projects going on there.

    I will post first few posts copying my posts from other forum so please bear in mind initial posts below are copied will add timeline, then will update from there.

    I started mine last year November time got a 72 S30 from California and car was more of a shell with some itsy bitsy things done to it already. End up doing all over it again.

    I got the car with these:

    Toyo R1R 235/40/17 and 215/45/17

    Rims....Axis Banzai 17x9 and 17x8

    Reinforced, primed and painted engine bay ready to take any engine RB hmmmmm....

    Every single piece of rust was removed and whole car was primed

    Fresh Z34 blue shade painted, with front damper and flared fenders

    Whole redone and upgraded suspension
    - sectioned strut tubes
    - sand blasted repainted strut tubes
    - Ground control Coil Overs
    - Black Magic coils - 10" 200,225 weight
    - Tokico Hp Shocks
    - Energy Suspension bushing kit
    - front and rear strut bars

    cleaned up, sectioned and primed

    It was shipped for Dubai in Aug 2011 and reached Oct 11.

    Ordered Wheels, Works CR01 so that they reach in time.

    23rd Oct 11

    Picture of same day car came and dropping at the workshop

    Some more pictures, after looking at the car its a bit more work then expected but Im ready for the challenge :driving:

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    What RB are you dropping in?

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    For some odd reason I tried to post some posts with pictures but couldn't post it some image size error is coming as majority of web hosting sites are bloacked from office computer so will post later today.

    Coming to car I installed RB25DET Neo already, infact car is in completion stages

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    24th Nov 2011


    Car is in a workshop getting engine mounting done at the moment.

    Installing, making mounts for engine, gearbox and differential, and custom half shafts.

    Engine going in is from later model (99-2003) R34 GTT 2.5l RB25DET NEO, slightly revised version of older RB25, mainly solid lifter, revised camshafts and a larger stock turbo.

    Gearbox will be same from R34 5sp.

    Rear differential is from Z31 and half shafts from 280zx.

    Some pictorial

    It really took me over a month to find a place who can go the custom jobs I required. I searched literally all over the country (500 mile radius), finally found something very close to my place (not Dubai but Alain). This is the place a small one but good thing is they only do these old Zs and can do any modification required.

    One skyline and few 280zx standing.

    This one is ready to do to Abu Dhabi fitted with RB25DE Neo

    Few cars inside

    RB25DET Neo installed in one 260Z 2+2

    Master class Ken & Marry Skyline, 1972 with L6 engine. Very clean car.

    15" Watanabe wheels wrapped in Toyo R888, and fender flares

    Its been waiting here for an engine coming from USA, fully stroked and multi carb setup.

    Coming to bossiness, engine mounting are done and some are sent for lath person for pressing and some installed.

    Gearbox will be assembled soon can be seen lying on the right side with drive shaft.

    R33 drive shaft going in, final length still needs to be decided

    Differential mounts are done

    Some problem with a good news and bad.

    Good news is the previous owner from California reinforced the chassis and I thought that its just the front he was talking about but looking under the car there are reinforcement beams running full across the car. Installer was surprised to see all this, and he said its very difficult to get this kind of job done here, he rated it with maximum marks. He said I can install any engine with this kind of work.

    Now the bad news is in US maybe the weld spots are ok and can be cleared easily at time of registration. But here its needs to be grinded else car cant be registered. So painter need to flip the car upside down and grinding all the joints and colour it again.

    Weld spots are more visible in the front

    Few spots in the middle

    At the rear there is a beam for a heavier differential as well

    Engine bay beams from top seems to be ok

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    15th dec 2011

    Some updates from last week.

    Grinding of the chassis
    Test panel of final colour

    cleaned , sanded and primed

    As the floor of the car were changed so custom seat mounts welded, then sanded, anti rust coated and then primed for paint.

    engine bay was black so primed for new colour.

    They removed all suspension parts for final primer and colour will take a camera today to take some pictures. Car will be going for engine installation saturday morning

    20th dec 2011

    Interior engine bay all done car was taken for engine work on Sunday

    Final touches like battery tray


    Dint take pictures of engine bay painted will take some clean ones later.


    Very clean engine came with auto gearbox from a 2002-3 GT, so hopefully will be in good condition.

    Today they will give me all the outer parts for custom painting, head gasket, water body and timing belt will be changed for some peace of mind

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    25th dec 2011

    Engine painting

    Parts removed

    All parts were cleaned, then primed with a special primer then heat resistant paint was applied and a final high temp clearcoat. It should last for a while I hope. The combo is of red, black and silver.

    More pictures coming soon

    30th dec 2011

    Some other pictures engine bay painted

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    30th Dec 2011

    Got my wheels from Ravespec, It was really nice of Mark to go all the way out and get these from Japan to USA and to Dubai in 6 day :tup::tup:

    Work Meister CR01 with Gun Metal center
    15 X 8.5 -9 around 95mm lip
    15 x 9.5 -24mm around 135mm lip biggest you can get

    Placing against the car :tup:

    Try to find out which one to use?

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    19th Jan 2012

    Kind of one phase is done. I will move the car for exhaust on Saturday and from there to paint shop. They will start the car today before taking it for exhaust.

    Engine, gearbox with new clutch, differential, rear axle, radiator, fans all installed.

    Custom engine mounts

    Flex A lite twin fans, shroud is for Mitsubishi eclipse but got a good deal on it.

    Drive trian would be fitted today

    Fuel cell mounted and fitted

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    29th Jan 2012

    [QUOTE=docaam;1514602]I have bought the new brakes or the car as well

    Brake booster I have changed locally taking it from a 280Z will work better with all the stuff I got rest are all new items.

    The stock rear brakes are not disk and I am converting to 4 pot front and 1 pot at the back all disc, so for that booster and mainly master cylinder needs to be changed. Got 1' or 15/16 master cylinder (heard its made by Wilwood). It will give less play when brakes are changed and will carry 14% more brake oil.

    For brakes I went with stage 4 Front Big brake kit from silver mine motors

    for the Rear got a custom Stage 2 kit from datsun parts, the kit includes:
    Rebuilt Maxima Calipers, new brake rotors same as for front along with
    brake pads and mounting brackets and
    E-Brake brackets and SS lines.

    In addition I bought a wilwood proportion valve as well as it was needed

    Paint work has started and hopefully car will be have today or tomorrow the paint job. All doors, trunk and hood (will be) were removed for the primer.

    Primed fenders

    Primed doors

    I opened up all the locks and fittings, even window channels

    Managed to get an old 280ZX hood scoop, was thinking of doing something custom but then as it used to come on a Turbo Z so might look better, atleast will throw direct air on the turbo

    This is where it will be cut

    took out the front damper for paint

    Got a used grill off ebay as well

    2nd Feb 2012
    Car was supposed to be painted yesterday but it was a day off so hopefully today

    Some pictures I took Thursday night, after painting door jams all panels were in final alignment phase.

    Door jams and inside of doors painted

    Rear bumper aligned, will get bumpers and front grill powder coated once they will close all the holes

    Rest of body

    Front air damper and bumper installed

    Trying the fender flares

    Front caster is too much out

    Rear not sure this

    or this

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    Re: S30 Project RBZ

    7th Feb 2012

    Its the new gray shade which is on Lambo Aventadoor, I just slightly added silver and aluminium more.

    Ok now the details, very happy with the paint itself and the paint job.

    I went for Dupont chromobase paint, including dupont epoxy primer, thinner, activator and their new chromo clear coat. I have visited their main office here in Dubai to discuss the whole project and was advised on some things which turned out nice.

    This is the thinner and chromo clear coat which was used. According to lots of reviews this clear coat gives the least amount of swirl marks, more like scratch resistant.

    First always use all compatible materials and then followed their guidelines on mixing, spraying and curing.

    Car was primed in their epoxy primer which gives the best binding for paint.

    They advised me to first warm the whole car at 60 deg C which was done then basecoat. As this colour is kind of 2 stage so first it was painted 3 coats of first base coat which was more blackish then 2 coats of aluminium and silver mixture. result was like the pic I posted before and below.

    Really happy with the outcome of the shade, very very close to what I wanted. I was tempted to do matte clear coat as it was looking really HOT.

    I was advised to do 4 coats of clearcoat if I was looking for a showcar finish. Two coats first then sand the whole car with 1500 grit paper a quick compound polish and then again 2 coats. But after doing 2 coats I was satisfied and called it a day. 4 coats would have been better with some brighter colour.

    I like how the shade changes from silver to GM to dark GM.

    15th feb 2012

    I got some parts for the Z will post details they time they are ready for installation. As of now car has been sanded and polished and fitting of the parts has started. Took it on a recovery for a quick wash inside out.

    Engine looks clean now

    Even clearcoated underside of the hood

    Finish seems to be great

    I got cusco front and rear struts and motorsports sway bars along with some exciting stuff from Techno Toy Tuning they make some excellent suspension parts for older Toyota and Datusn/Nissans. I always felt the lack of camber and caster setting and a weaker stock suspension so got myself these from them, only down point is their parts are a bit heavy but im not that much bothered about weight saving.

    Rear lower control arms, will allows to adjust toe and camber, and can also move the tire within fender wall about 1/2"and can widen the rear track by 1"

    Front lower control arms, again widen and shortening along with camber and toe setting, have two setting for sway bars and in total very touch compared to stock ones, come with new ball joints as well.

    Tension control rods, got these to adjust the caster as thats a priority, even after cutting the fenders wheels is touching on turning

    got new bixenon headlights, will fit in place of old halgen stock ones, good thing is they are also made of glass as OEM ones.

    side by side

    car wont be complete without CF, for the start got the rear tail light panel and BRE replica spoiler CF wrapped at Carbonsignal, result as always amazing

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