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Thread: Elijah not so happy 1982 corolla Te72 Owner

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    Elijah not so happy 1982 corolla Te72 Owner

    Greetings fellow earthlings. Just purchased a nice te72 corolla a few months back. Temperature gauge was messed up and ran it a little harder than i should. My mechanics saying i might have blown a piston rod. This is my first car and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Elijah not so happy 1982 corolla Te72 Owner

    Research your options in your area. Compare the costs to repair vs another motor with more power.

    If our location has a support group of enthusiasts then try to meet up with them and find out who are the most resourceful guys and pick their brain for sound advice or even help. Sometimes all it takes is a case of beer.

    Perhaps Toyota forums would be your best bet. Maybe Facebook corolla or club 4AG guys can help you.

    Old Toyota parts are really harder to find than Datsun parts. You may be able to source parts or a complete motor from your local auto recycling yard.

    If you are not a purist then consider a KA motor swap from a 240sx. You can find them relatively cheap and they are a strong motor.

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