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Thread: Matts '73 MS65 Crown (Wellington, NZ)

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    Matts '73 MS65 Crown (Wellington, NZ)

    Hey So i'm new here but this is the build up on my ms65.

    So basically when i was younger i bought a Holden Kingswood HZ Ute. I took it down for a re-vin and the guys just laughed and said how much money you got? Basically under the paint it was just a rust pile. So i was always worried about buying another old school car.
    I wanted a crown for 6 years and recently finished studying to become an engineer. Thinking i can fix rust now and having some money laying around i decided screw it i'm going to get one.

    Red Vinyl Interior in reasonable condition
    Good runner

    So I posted up a Wanted to buy ad on and 2 hours later was on the phone to a guy who had an Old man special. He lives in Auckland and i live in wellington. A few phone calls and a couple of emails with some rubbish phone photos and one proffesional photo later we came to an arrangement to meet in taupo

    What i got:
    Red Vinyl Interior in reasonable-Good condition
    Wof check sheet (Inner steering ball joint)
    Good Runner
    Pre Facelift
    The Coolest Sun Visor
    186 Holden Power

    We had an amazing trip back from Taupo in it, despite the lovely cop who gave me a ticket for no wof/rego despite the worlds best (and true) reason.

    Anyway I sorted the wof within a week and did a little bit of tidying then it was off to our first Oldschool club meet!

    It stayed that way for about a month. Then i couldn't take it anymore!! IT HAD TO GO LOW!!!

    A few hours later, a cutting disk and a new set of rear shocks.:

    Which caused this:

    The exhaust now hung about 40mm off the ground

    So i spent the next weekend with a welder, a turbo flow muffler and some 2.5" tube and bodged the hell out of it for a trip to auckland

    Then i slowly mucked around with a few little things and drove it daily for about 3 months. One day i was up at pick a part with a mate and i saw some mags, they were hideous but i knew they would suit the crown, having limited funds I ignored it and then 2 days later decided i had to see if they would fit.......

    10 Points to the person who can guess what they originally came off....

    Being a hardcore bass head from as long ago as i can remember i started to fit out the stereo unit

    ALOT of weekends later and i have a mostly completed stereo. It started out with a pair of rockford subs. I hit 140dB with those then they hit the max they could do so i bought some Digital Designs 512d4 subs.

    And about all i can add now is some sweet sweet crown and a stereo video for any of you fellow bass nutters...


    Cheers, enjoy and i will try to remember to update this as often as i can so i don't forget the shit ton of stuff i've done to it.

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    Re: Matts '73 MS65 Crown (Wellington, NZ)

    Great looking car! The front end on that generation Crown is wonderful.

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