Hey everyone,

What is the best place for OEM parts and aftermarket parts for the KGC110. I am stationed in Sasebo and once I get back to the states will be working with getting my KGC110.

Given that I am on this side of the pond, I want to start stock piling the parts for the car that I will purchase once I sell my R32GTR.

I have a couple japanese friends that can\have bought for me from YahooAuctions but I was wondering if there is a more direct place.

As for getting the KGC110, I will be most likely going through JDMLegends as they seem to have the best network and everything. I have thought about getting it over here but given that I have a short time here Sep13, I am just going to pick up parts left and right and have them shipped back through HouseholdGoods. I have an N1 motor that I picked up for $1000 and I am poss looking at sliding that in (I know people cringe at that) but still...I love the RB.

Cliff notes: What is the best source of good quality used parts for KGC110.