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Thread: 1971 corolla ke25

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    1971 corolla ke25

    Hello all

    My name is Warren from Australia. I am the owner of a 1971 ke25 corolla.
    I picked this car up from a 30 yr old woman who had purchased it from her neighbour who was the first owner. The car had only travelled 30,000km from the first owner. The the woman who bought it drove it till it reached 89,000. That's when it was stolen from her and found weeks later partly drstroyed. Automatic transmission was blown up. Rear seat was bent as they tried to break into the boot. And the had done several burnouts so rear tyres weren't so good.
    The car was found by police a week later dumped. It was returned to the owner , who then felt she had been somewhat violated having her car stolen. She put it up for sale and thats when I bought it.
    I have owned the car for about 4yrs now. I have dOne extensive mechanical wOrk to it replacing all bushes and cOnverting it to 5apd manual .
    It has a set of 15inch superlites . Will post pics soon .

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    Re: 1971 corolla ke25

    Welcome! Nice to see another Aussie 8)

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