Just thought I would share a couple of writeups about my recent once in a lifetime trip to Leadfoot Ranch in Hahei, New Zealand, home of famous motorsport legend Rod Millen. I visited as part of oldschool.co.nz, the outing was organized by Rod's nephew and niece who are members of the car club. We had a mixture of older British, Aussie and Japanese vehicles along for the cruise - some photos here.

Rod is well known for his SCCA Pro Rally Championship winning 4WD RX-7 (SA22C/FB) and of course his 1000hp unlimited-class Pikes Peak Toyota Celica which set a track record in 1994 that cannot technically be beaten.

Here's oldschool.co.nz's writeup: http://oldschool.co.nz/2012/11/06/oldsc ... foot-ranch

and here's mine: http://blog.retro-classics.co.nz/?p=4590

We ended the event by piloting our own cars along a section of the famous mile-long driveway, which is the scene of the Leadfoot Festival's annual sprint (NZ's version of Goodwood if you will). Video taken from my RX-7: http://youtu.be/v2BC7HrcVLg

Thanks for looking