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Thread: Hello from Iowa!

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    Hello from Iowa!

    Just stopping by on JNC as i am a regular old school mazda member on Rx7club.
    We tend to specialize in Toyota, Mazda, Datsun and we get a few cars in our hands to sell and or modify. We are working on setting up a small shop here in Iowa that deals with all these cars. Hopefully we will establish a good relationship with most people and bring some nice cars from Puerto Rico, Aus/NZ in the future.

    Name is Diego and hope to meet some in future meets.

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    Re: Hello from Iowa!

    I guess ill post some pictures here too! lol

    What started it all.. 1974 Rx3 1 owner Texas barn find.
    Bought it in 2009, was told it was complete with a running engine. Turns out motor was blown and it sat in garage for a while. Had a Rx8 that was going turbo so never worked on the Rx3. Its now on my friends hands.

    When i got it.

    Now i am part owner of this 1974 REPU that was kept at VOLO museum for half its life. Car is original paint and interior. Has some minor wear as it was used before being put in the museum.

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    Re: Hello from Iowa!

    Sup man saw your stuff on RX7club and know exactly what your about with the old schools.

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    Re: Hello from Iowa!

    Quote Originally Posted by zionfarm
    Sup man saw your stuff on RX7club and know exactly what your about with the old schools.
    Whats up! Glad someone from rx7club is on here

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    Re: Hello from Iowa!

    Hello, I'm your neighbor to the North (MN). Trying to find a corolla AE86 (AE88) if you hear of any could you let me know?

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