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Thread: Hello, My name is Angela - Datsun 510 'Goon lover!

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    Hello, My name is Angela - Datsun 510 'Goon lover!

    Hello all fellow JNC enthusiasts! I've just joined & will do my best to follow all the rules/guidelines set forth on this site. My name is Angela, I live on the beautiful central coast of California, & my pride & joy is my 1971 Datsun 510 wagon. Her name is Blanca. I'm inspired to keep her as stock original as possible as she is beautifully intact without even speaker holes cut into her skins. However, she's in great need of a more powerful engine, 5 speed transmission, & brake upgrade. I have the engine & 5 speed tranny from a Datsun truck that will eventually replace her tired L16 once I have some help/expertise to help me take on that project. I've always loved/owned Japanese cars. My 1st car was a 1976 Toyota Celica (wish I still had it). My daily driver is a 2002 Tacoma Tacoma that has served me faithfully since I bought it. My hope is to restore Blanca in order to drive her as often as possible to let her be appreciated for the classic car she is.

    Sorry, I was unable to post a pic...says the board is full (?)

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    Re: Hello, My name is Angela - Datsun 510 'Goon lover!

    Welcome aboard and good luck with the goon.

    The best way to post pics is to upload them to photobucket, or whatever site you use, and paste the link here.

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    Re: Hello, My name is Angela - Datsun 510 'Goon lover!

    Welcome to JNC. The central coast is awesome. I recently went on a trip with the family there not long ago. I did those winding roads at night and then cut across Paso Robles on my way back down south. Loved it. I saw a white goon along PCH but it looked like they were camped on the cliff side. Would love to see any pics when you upload. Again welcome.

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    Re: Hello, My name is Angela - Datsun 510 'Goon lover!

    Hi, Im Mohd from Brunei Darussalam. Im into Datsun 510 Wagon as well and currently searching for parts for a complete restoration. I currently own 3 celicas, ta22,23 and 28. Follow me on facebook mohd tahir yussof.

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