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Thread: Mazda RX2 Hood Issue

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    Mazda RX2 Hood Issue

    All, need a little guidance on how to repair. Though the RX2 hood is welded to the hood frame along the sides and rear, the front is not. The issue I am having is that all of the material Mazda used to adhere the front and middle portions of the hood to the hood frame are no longer adhering, so the hood is starting to move up and down a bit when driving. Does anyone know what material (Adhesive, JB Weld etc....) would work to re-adhere the hood to the hood frame and how to go about this process. I have to assume others have had this problem with their older Mazdas in the past, and hoping for some techniques to repair back to spec.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Mazda RX2 Hood Issue

    Same thing happened to my hood while driving at 90mph, now my hood is bent to shit in the front.

    My cars been off the road for 4 years now so it hasnt been a pressing issue just yet. When I'm ready, I'll take it to a body shop

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    Re: Mazda RX2 Hood Issue

    Common problem.

    I used Sikaflex silicone adhesive (cant remember exactly what type in the Sika range, but we used it at the job I was running assembling caravans - they were held together with it!).

    I pumped it full between frame and skin, then closed the bonnet and taped the top skin hard down with gaffer tape to the front bumper for 24 hrs.

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    Re: Mazda RX2 Hood Issue

    SEM panel bonding adhesive

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