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Thread: Datsun E1 motor oil pressure relief valve.

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    Datsun E1 motor oil pressure relief valve.

    I had my E1 motor rebuilt a year ago, only got around to getting it going this week.
    My problem is the mechanic that rebuilt it has done something to the oil pressure relief valve.
    I am getting over 100psi at idle (this blew the oil filter gasket out). Took the sump off and found there was nowhere for the oil to return to the sump.
    Drilled out 1 of 3 plugs going up into the 2 passages for the pressure relief.
    Now with no spring or piston.. no oil pressure.. that is better. With spring and piston.. still over 100psi.
    Question is does anyone know how the horizontal and vertical passages connect around the pressure relief? Which ones should be plugged?
    (original mechanic can't remember).

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    Re: Datsun E1 motor oil pressure relief valve.


    firstly the oil will drain back to the sump from the cylinder head, basicaly it goes through the rocker gear shaft, through the rockers and the excess will drain back into the sump via
    the holes in the head for the pushrods onto the lifters & back into the sump.

    The oil pressure should be 60 pounds at higher rpm, With the oil pressure firstly you will
    need to look at the oil filter cartridge.
    Does it mount upside down onto an alloy bracket that then bolts to the engine...?
    If so, it will have an oil pressure releif valve in the alloy housing that should be checked.

    When you removed the oil pressure relief valve & spring you said no oil pressure....?
    this could mean that the spring has to much tension on it & not allowing the releif
    valve to do its job. This valve is the same as an mgb valve.....

    If you need any more help P.M me as mine is up and running no problems and will help where i can.

    Cheers, Andrew.

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