Basically been lurking around this forum for awhile love it, love jap cars I'm a man of few words, but these are some of my jap cars over the years, or I still own today.
I've had two s12s, a non turbo ca20 one which my old man still drives today and for the last 6years I drove it for two,
My ca18et single overhead cam I've had for 5 years also here's a pic

I've had two ke70s
This was my best one lots of mods head port polish webber suss blew the motor years ago

My fav t18 or te72 never should of sold it

My ra65


My car ATM the kei l201 mira

And my 4wd
1984 daihatsu rocky but it's basically a Toyota

That is all, I'll post up a build on my mira soon thanks for looking