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Thread: Good to be a member here!

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    Good to be a member here!

    Hello all,

    I am new to this board and happy to be a member. Owned a 70 Corona Deluxe back in mid 80's and loved it but it was totaled and so I moved on to different vehicles. Have missed the Corona for many years now even though I currently drive nice new vehicles. I lost the ebay bid for the 71 MK II a couple weeks ago due to a stupid bidding mistake on my part and I still have not recovered- I think about that stunning MK II more each day and am trying to track down the owner for a possible sale. The car is now located in New Haven, Connecticut and I only hope that hurricane Sandy did not do the vehicle (or anyone of course) any harm. I also missed that same car back in 2011 just due to not checking the boards for a couple of months. I will reunite with that car one day and finally be able to have some peace with this whole thing but until then I'll be searching this board (and others) for the car.

    Good to see there are so many others here who share my same passion for the older Toyota's. My current group of friends simply do not see nor understand the attraction. I have seen few cars that do for me what a totally restored 71 MK II does- crazy, I know!!

    Thanks again for having me!!

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    Re: Good to be a member here!

    welcome aboard! :tu: :mrgreen:

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