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Thread: A highly modified N600 coming up for sale

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    A highly modified N600 coming up for sale

    Hi group..

    I don't post here too often, but I've been a member for some time. My name is Dean, and I'm in Bakersfield, CA. For almost the last 2 years I've been building a very highly modified N600, and I think I'm going to put it up for sale soon- even though it is not finished. I'm a bit burned out on the project (more correctly my wife is burned out on me living in the garage) :wink: ..

    It is not yet for sale (and likely won't be for a few months), but I wanted to put it here 1st.. This is one of the very few N/Z600 motorcycle-repower projects that is actually streetable.

    The short of it is this- this is my 2nd N600 (had my 1st one on college years ago, and I always thought it needed more engine and better brakes).. SO, two years ago I gutted a RUST FREE '72, and I have grafted in a Mazda Miata front and rear suspension (yes, it now has IRS w/ Bilstien yellows all around. Other than narrowing 9.5", I retained all of the Mazda geometry front and rear- I still have the jigs).. I built it with daily driving/reliablilty in mind.. It is powered by a 1998 Honda Interceptor VFR800 (105hp/ 55 ft lbs torque, with 17K miles).. It was a tight squeeze, but the motor fits with no cutting of the hood, front valance, or firewall.. This is not a stupid-fast car, (It's no Huyabusa- but at 3x stock HP it is way, way, way faster than an OEM N600)- It is plenty quick, but where it really shines is in the handling- it is an absolute go cart!!

    I'm still sorting the drivetrain as I've just gotten it running several weeks ago.. A few things I'm after now- I'm redoing the driveshaft(s) as it has a vibration I can't live with/ I'm going to change the diff out to shorter gears as it winds too tight on the highway/ I still haven't successfully solved the 'no reverse' issue/ fabbing fuel tank design #2//.. still chasing odds and ends..

    I have about 1850 hours in the car, and it still has a ways to go to be nice.. I've proven to myself I can fit a round peg in a square hole, and I'm ready to get out of the garage for awhile. Unless someone here scoops it up, it'll likey go to Ebay around February once tax returns/toy money starts coming in..

    I've taken one of our beloved cars (that was headed for the crusher by the way), and made it into something even more unusual. To be fair, I'm in it for WAY more $$ than I'll ever get out, but as my wife says, "let's stop the bleeding."

    So, if this is interesting to you, you appreciate the engineering aspect of what I've done, and aren't afraid of taking over from here, send me an email and I'll get you some pictures of my silly slotcar. Most of what's left to do is cosmetic.. I'm about 90+% there on the mechanicals of the thing (which I'll finish soon)- read no more fabbing! I have not created a build log anywhere (I've kept it off the internet on purpose), but I have many, many pics of the build- this car was not slapped together- the suspension alone took over a year to fab..) If I still have it in February 2013 I'll have it 100% sorted, in primer, and a little more presentable- surley it will get a higher price then as opposed to someone here buying it now.. It's a very odd car and I just have to find my buyer.

    btw- it's all there and is registered in my name- I've been taking it to work for the last month.. This car will make a great driver, a competitive track day car, or truly the only one of it's kind at the local show-n-shine.



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    Re: A highly modified N600 coming up for sale

    Any pic, that project must be nice to see. May be we can change your's wife opinion about the car

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