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Thread: G'day JNC

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    G'day JNC

    Hi all, I'm Adam.

    Found my way here looking up old Jtin stuff and came across Kev's build thread. Instantly hooked :twisted: had been looking for a car to get (when the family/finances allow) and have decided on a hako. Was going to do a replica grp A R32 skyline in Gibson Motorsport colours but that all changed!! Been stalking goo-net now for about six months watching prices etc.

    Been around Datsuns my whole life, old man has a two tone 1600 (510) cream on brown (it's been around the Nissan Datsun scene for ages, event been on display at the F1 gp), two 2000 sports fairladys and a 260z under resto. My first car was a 85 bluebird trx with and L series motor(more power), then had a n14 SSS.

    So I got it bad, love reading everyone's hard work and I've learnt so much from these forums, it's aladins cave this place. I'm in heaven.

    One day I may too be a lucky hako owner

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    Re: G'day JNC

    Its nice to see theres more people form Melbourne on here, mate. i just joined also. are you heading down to the Japanese car show? nov 25th at Como Park sth Yarra

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