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Thread: Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

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    Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

    Well, I am 34 years old and living in Las Vegas, from Tahoe originally. I am a big Landcruiser fan and love Toyotas in general. I recently found 6 Coronas for sale near LV and decided to split the 6 with a friend who has a clean original 67 rt40. Now I am researching and searching for parts for a resto-mod on my rt52. I am frantically looking for the front disc brake parts from an rt80/90 years 70-73 to convert the front of my rt52 which brought me to this site, thankfully... I am a member on IH8MUD and CUMMINSFORUM. I enjoy the car communities and finding/sharing information as we go along. I will be posting a build thread in the following months to record my process and hopefully receive opinions and tech from the members on this forum.

    BTW, the 6 coronas are as follows;

    (1) 1968 rt52, auto trans
    (3) 1969 rt40, manual trans
    (1) 1969 rt40, auto trans
    (1) 1969 rt 52, auto trans, factory ac...this is my keeper

    I look forward to enjoying these cars and experiences on the forum and also look forward to meeting many of you at Toyota car shows or 4WD events.

    Here are som pictures...

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    Re: Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

    6 Coronas. Nice find. Save them all. Welcome to JNC. I will be looking forward to your build thread and progress.

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    Re: Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

    Great find. Looking forward to the project thread. I hope to eventually find one of these for sale in my area.

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    Re: Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

    I had a RT52 in yellow. I rebuilt everyting including the motor, tranny and then I got in an accident - side swiped. It was drivabvle but I gave it away free to a poor guy that needed a car. Wish I had kept it.

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    Re: Vegas 1969 Toyota Corona

    Welcome to the site, hope to see you around town.

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