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Thread: Hello from Switzerland!

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    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hi at all, i'm 34 years old, grown up just one Floor above my Parents Mitsubishi Dealership (*1980).
    Now i dont have to explain what Brand i'm into... :wink:
    I work as Mechanic here and about 10 years ago i started to complete and sort our old stock Parts and Workshop Manuals.
    As one of very few Dealers in our Country, we can cover most Swiss Market/EDM Vehicles... "never throw away a Manual or Microfilm".
    Above you can see me at the age of 6 with a new Colt Turbo.
    Well... i still look kind of good, but i have doubt's the Colt made it trough the 90's. Sorry Colt Turbo Fans.

    My actual Cars:
    1978 Lancer Coupe 1400 GL A72 (PROJECT)
    1982 Colt 1200 A150 (ROUGH. MAYBE PROJECT)
    1984 Lancer EX 2000 TURBO A176 (RESTORED)
    1995 Skyline GTR R33
    2000 Lancer Evo 6 TME
    2010 Nissan GTR R35

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    Re: Hello from Switzerland!

    cool story bro :tu:

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