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Thread: Greetings from Sasebo, Japan

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    Greetings from Sasebo, Japan

    Good day, name is Jared, stationed onboard BHR LHD6 out of Sasebo. Right now out here until Sep13 (hopefully not longer). Daily driver while inport is a 1993 Silver R32 GTR with light mods given I am only here for 1.5 years.

    Datsun/Nissan enthusiast from the get go. Mom had a 510, 280Z, 300ZX. I grew up working on everything with a N on its engine.

    Right now, I got my next orders to Monterey California, and I will be putting on LT so since I cannot bring the R32 back (wait until 2017) I will am looking at a KGC110 (Coupe) that is on Kyushu. Given that I have some time before I leave I am looking at other options (JDML) when I get back stateside because it costs an ARM, leg, kidney, nut and everything else to register the cars here.

    I will post some pictures of the cars that I have seen on the island including a C10 coupe with an RB26 single and cage for roughly 24K...yeah it was clean and owned by this old japanese guy eating a bowl of rice...kid you not.

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    Re: Greetings from Sasebo, Japan

    Welcome aboard!

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    Re: Greetings from Sasebo, Japan

    You should check to see if there are any Nostalgic Heroes carshows near you before you PCS, you'd really enjoy one if you went.

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    Re: Greetings from Sasebo, Japan

    Sell the R32 and get something Old enough to ship back.

    Welcome btw. :tu:

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