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Thread: Hello from Minnesota

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    Hello from Minnesota

    I'm Reece from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I currently have no car. I know, kinda lame. Though, I used to own a 1986 MR2. I got rid of it because it had rusted frame rails (The previous owner drove it in the winter a lot...) and stuck valves. I miss the car, but it was kind of too far gone, as it is a solid frame car so I couldn't simply replace the frame rails.

    Anyway, now I am looking into cars like Starions, AE86s, Old Supras, Old Celicas, Cressidas, S12 200SX, Miatas, FB RX7s, and the like.

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    Re: Hello from Minnesota

    hey you can be a spectator (costs a lot less) :mrgreen:

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    Re: Hello from Minnesota

    hello and welcome to the site Reece!

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