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Thread: First pair of shoes question?

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    First pair of shoes question?

    I have set a new team of basket balers for my company and I need to get then the jerseys and basketball shoes. Where would be the best place to get these online since I need some one to design a jersey and the shoes to match our company colors and make them unique and good quality?

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    Re: First pair of shoes question?

    mr. ToolZ is our resident baler, so you'll have to take this up with him

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    Re: First pair of shoes question?

    Hello antioneh26 and welcome to JNC forum. :tu:

    As an ex-meber of the Hoodlum Globetrotters I can without a shadow of a doubt recommend that you get your basketball shirts manufactured by - ... tegory.php

    However, for shoes I would recommend Nike as they are 'Built to Win' and 'Made to Order'. Yes, that is correct. Nike offer (exclusively to JNC members and people from earth) fully customizable range of foot wear for basket cases, sorry, ballers. Check out their shiznit here - ... ball-shoe/

    Happy to help.

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