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Thread: 22R ignition vacuum advance questions? making me crazy...

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    22R ignition vacuum advance questions? making me crazy...

    ..So i understand the 22R is not a powerhouse :P But I have always thought that for the mods she was down on power,maybe im crazy.
    As follows....
    -weber 32/36
    -magnacor/all new ignition/electric
    -free flow exhaust
    -no smog
    -ported intake

    So the vacuum advance(on the dizzy) has two ports on it,the one close to the valve cover advances less when i suck on the hose.

    I have always had the the vacuum port that comes from the bottom of the weber connected to the port that advances more(closer to the rad)

    Base timing at 750rpm is set to 12,vacuum hose makes no difference at base.But when revved does advance according to the timing light.

    So tonight i was just playing,experimenting,there are alot of different opinions on what to time these at,and not alot of info on timing with a weber.

    --I disconnect the hose all together---runs pretty much the same,bogs a little if i open the secondary.
    --I connect the hose to the closer port on dizzy(less advance) ---Runs the same..
    --I connect it back to the port with the most advance(close to the rad)--runs the same?

    What gives?No change at all with no/some/lots of advance?
    Am i missing something?Help? :cry:

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    I think the one closest to distributor should be connected to ported vacuum (closest to throttle plate) which should only get max vacuum "off idle" (under load) and the other should be connected to manifold vacuum where there is greater vacuum at idle.

    I happen to only have the closest to distributor hooked up and the other plugged due to non-existent manifold vacuum on my intake.

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    you wont see a whole lot of change with no load on the motor,
    like a bov at idle you get very little vent if any and running down the road under load you get a louder vent to really see a change get a vaccum pump and pull full advance on the dist
    I have always used the bottom port one closest to the motor

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