Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this webiste and new to classic Japanese car scene. I'm always had imports and currently have a 2000 Acura Intergra, 1989 240sx coupe w/ an SR20DET making 477hp, and a Drag Racing 93 Honda Prelude making 686hp.

I've always wanted something classic to enjoy on the weekends but nothing domestic really interested me. So I started searching I wanted (like many others i'm sure) a 70's Hakosuka but they are so rare and expensive it would take me years to find and afford. I needed a fix ASAP so now i'm going to look at a 74 260z today. I'll probably get it if it's got a good body on the car and my wife lets me ha.

I do have one question, Is there anything I should be looking for as far as common problems with this particular model? the guy says it's a running car that would drive with a new set of tires.