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Thread: Good way to remove TONS of old body filler?

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    Good way to remove TONS of old body filler?

    I'm not sure why, but large rustless, dentless areas of my subaru 360 have been covered with body filler in the past. The hood for instance is covered almost entirely (I'm not kidding here) with about 4-5mm of bodyfiller. I've been kind of tearing off chunks with a flat head screw driver, but maybe there is a better way?

    Is there anyway to possibly dissolve this stuff? Or will I just have to keep chipping away and sand off the shallower areas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Good way to remove TONS of old body filler?

    I've heard brake fluid will remove just about anything from a metal surface.

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    Paint stripper will soften it up. Then you can use a scraper.

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    I used a cleaning/sanding disc like this to remove paint on one of my cars and found out it turns body filler to dust with ease. Just attach it to your drill. They also have this in a cup style for larger surfaces. But I used the disc for the entire car!

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    i found spots with 1/4"+ body filler on the 510 and just started chipping. ill try some of these other ideas. i did try one of those paint stripper wheels but it didnt work so well for the heavy stuffs.

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    I am not sure if you can use dry ice...but for sound deadening interior on the floor pan, it works.....put dry ice, wait and bang with a rubber mallet

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    I've noticed alot of the old jtin I've had has had body filler underneath what apears to be oem paint. I think the manufacturers used body filler on some cars right out of the factory to smooth out minor imperfections. All my old pl521's had a crap ton of filler on every panel, and to my knowledge, they were all factory paint still.

    Oh yeah, if you use a 2lb sledge to hit the crap out of the area with filler it will shatter!!! And then you can put even MORE filler in, is for fun :tu: rad!

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    Strangely, at least on the hood, under the filler is a layer of very coarsely sanded red primer, over the original paint. :roll:

    Some real pro bodywork here.

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    i used blowtorch..and when the filler started to bubble..i use a metal scrapper...

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    Please no one use brake fluid. It can take anything off metal i believe but can also make it so paint will not really stick to the metal the same ever again.

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