Hey all,
I just love auto's.. any flavour, any era.. Odd ones get my attention, so do overlooked/underated..
I was 7 years old when my mother took ownership of the 1st of many RX7s.
30 years later I still drive rx7's..Also have HB's (they close enuf to 7's not to upset the balance in my head).
3 FC's (soon to be 4), 1 FB, 3 HB sedans (929's & Luce), 3 Coupes (929 turbo, 929, Cosmo).
1 S13 Silvia (???), 1 cl7 Honda Euro (Acura TSX), 1 RN (something) 1989 Hilux.

I enjoy my rides for whatever mods I've done to em for whatever purpose..
I'd walk befor I'd own a standard car..
I respect originality, but sorry people, my cars for me..

I have no life cause I keep collecting things and wont part with em..
Love doing my own thing, love seeing what people do to theirs..

Love watching people get all giddy over what they doing to their cars, cause I dont feel alone in the world..

I'll give you my opinion, but I wont bag what you do.

my current daily's as they are being constructed.
Red coupe wheels are leaning towards 2 piece 14's (gold wheels).


Im cool with the attention this has been getting, thou once final pieces arrive this wont look like it does now.

Apart from the remaining rust spots to be repaired the cosmo is ready to go for roadworthy. coilovers an 15 x 9 -5 black superlites are waiting to be fitted.
This will retire the above 929 turbo to club rego staus.